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If you are considering bankruptcy, you may have a lot of questions. Am I going to be able to keep my house? Will it stop the judgments or garnishments against me? When will I be able to get credit in the future? Can I keep my car? An attorney can help you understand the complications and process for filing for personal bankruptcy. Attorney Juaria Nelson has 20 years of experience representing clients in bankruptcy matters in both Maryland and District of Columbia courts.

To learn more about the bankruptcy process and whether it is appropriate for you, contact the Law Offices of Juaria L. Nelson, located in Camp Springs, Maryland, online or by calling 301-449-1301. Free initial phone consultations are available.

Understanding Chapter 7 & Chapter 13

Under Chapter 7, most types of debts will be discharged three months after you file bankruptcy, except for taxes, student loans, child support, debts incurred from drunk driving offenses and court fines (i.e. parking tickets and Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) fines. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy establishes a 3- to 5-year repayment plan where all remaining unsecured debt will be discharged after that period is over. The repayment amount and time of plan is based on the disposable income of the individual. If your mortgage is in arrears, that will extend the time for the repayment plan.

A bankruptcy will appear on your credit report for up to 10 years for Chapter 7 and 6 years for Chapter 13. The interest rates for any new credit cards after filing will be higher. Typically, after filing for bankruptcy it takes about a year of on-time payments and keeping things up to date before you will qualify to buy a home, however to finance a new car or be granted other loans the time period is much shorter. Bankruptcy will stop wage garnishments and put your creditors on notice. Also, it is possible to file for emergency bankruptcy in the case of impending foreclosures to stop the foreclosure process.

Contact an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy is a big decision for clients and the process for filing for bankruptcy is complicated. Getting an attorney involved from the start will help to ensure that things are done correctly from the beginning. At the Law Offices of Juaria L. Nelson, you will find quality legal representation for your bankruptcy matters at an affordable rate.

With 20 years bankruptcy experience, attorney Juaria L. Nelson can help you determine if bankruptcy is appropriate for you, and, if so, which option will best meet your needs. Call 301-449-1301 or contact her office online to schedule an appointment. You will be told what documents to prepare and gather to bring with you to your appointment.

Located near Andrews Air Force Base and the Prince George’s Marketplace, the office is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, and is Metro accessible.


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